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Artist Impression

We make an artist impression, when no other accurate representation is available. This could be an photo-realistic rendered image, an animation or a printed model. The reason we create the artist impressions are to represent concepts and objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye; that are very big, very small, in the past, in the future, fictional, or otherwise abstract in other ways. Our Artist impressions are used to showcase the design of planned buildings and associated landscape. But also in presenting a great idea to convince people to follow your “road”.

product visual

Because we read less and communicate more through images, the right product image is become more important then ever before. For example in the sales there is still the rule; you become only ones to make a best first impression, so it should be right. 

The right visuals on your site make your product more attractive to the consumer and greatly increase your sales opportunities. 

In comparison with traditional product photography, our 3D software offers many more cost-saving and quality-enhancing possibilities. For example, we can store the virtual studio, the set-up of the light and the camera, the materials, etc. all digitally and can set you up again with the push of a button. As a result, very small adjustments can also be implemented quickly and at lower costs.


Script writing, modeling, creating animations and post-production, we do it all at Bluelakevision. The technical knowledge of materials and constructions that we have built up in the past is very useful. Your product or process explained in images in a convincing way is what we would like to take care of for you.
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