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Photorealistic Visuals - 3D Animations - 3D Lowpoly Gamecontent

These are computer generated images of subjects according to your specified wishes. This can be very photo-realistic or totally insane. If you have special needs in this, please let us know.

When the sales has to take place before the product is made or during the development you have to present the product visually, then we can help you in presenting a photo-realistic image of the product as if it has been made already.

Moving objects shown in an animation. These can be a rotating attention-grabbing logo, but also very complicated technical processes. Your product in motion showing, in ways that sometimes cannot be filmed in the traditional way.

What We Are, what we do

Bluelakevision is a fast-growing company with an irresistible ambition to be the best in what it can: creating high-quality photo-realistic images / animations / VR-AR-MR of existing, but also and maybe even more interesting, not yet existing objects or processes.

What Our Clients Say About Us



Working with Jeroen is fun, constructive and produces very nice results. Amazingly what you can do with 3D animations and make it clear. Appointments are met well and an emergency loop is no problem. For a next assignment, I’ll be back with Jeroen!

NOLDUS | Arjan Veenboer


Great to work with Jeroen and transform creative concepts into 3D realizations! Always in for new innovative ideas!

VANDENBUSKEN | Caspar van den Busken

Elekta logo

This is THE BEST product animation Elekta has ever done! By far. I would want

to buy this product even if I didn’t know what it was.

Truly excellent work. The product was already great and now we have promotional material to match. I am humbled and impressed.

Maarten ter Mors | VP and Head of Marketing & Sales


Jeroen has provided us with  an insight and “jaw dropping” design to concept in an industry we are operating many years!

CTi and Wings | Tal Haimovich CEO 



During my cooperation with Jeroen, I have observed him to be a very enthusiastic person and he is technically well versed. The collaboration with him has always been very good. I will definitely approach him in the future.

SOLICO | Doenan M. 

Logo UV-Smart


I had the pleasure to work with Jeroen on several different projects all of them in the medical device field, which is quite technical but that was never a problem on the contrary Jeroen really enjoyed this. I am very please with the quality of his work, actually, I was so pleased that I kept on working with him even when I changed jobs. The projects are big and each of them took quite some time to finish but with amazing results! I would recommend Jeroen and blue lake vision for the creation of animations anytime.

Elike van Bronkhorst | Global Marketing Manager 


We asked Bluelakevision to create photo-realistic renderings of our products based on Solidworks files. Jeroen was able to deliver very fast. This helped us a lot to have commercial materials available on time.
Bluelakevision’s speed and flexiblity were very important for us, since we were still shaping our product.

Even when we were already happy with the results, Jeroen put extra effort in this project to deliver even better results. Quality is his standard!

TECHNOLUTION | Jacco Wesselius

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